USB Smart Cart (CAC/PIV) Reader Plus USB 3.0 Hub for USB-C

MSRP: $79.99
MSRP $79.99

Secure important enterprise information with the world’s first DOD CAC/PIV reader with built in 2-port USB Hub designed specifically for the Surface, Laptop and Tablet mobile devices. The ultra slim module attaches to your mobile device with the included mounting kit.

Combined with your mobile device, the ARQ1 USB smart card reader supports strong two-factor chip plus pin authentication and FIPS encryption. Use it at the DOD, government agency or any organization where strong security and compliance are key to avoiding data loss. The smart card reader allows mobile users direct access to secure browsing, Microsoft Outlook email, OWA, SharePoint and portal sites on your device.

The 3.0 USB hub will allow users to connect USB-A accessories such as input devices, storage drives and other while using the card reader on your mobile device.

It’s ultra slim and low-profile design allows you to carry it everywhere you use your laptop, Surface or tablet mobile device.

Available in USB-A and USB-C connectivity versions. Compatible with Android, MacOS, Linux, Surface Pro, Surface Go, Surface Book and Surface Laptop, HP, Dell, and other USB devices.

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