Who is EXFIT? We’re a team of audio engineers and designers who have a passion for taking great sound and making it comfortable and wearable so you can take it with you anywhere. Our reach is global and we are re-igniting the wearable audio category. Our goals are simple – to provide you with fun products that are easy to use, comfortable to wear, reproduce sound as the artist intended, serve all of your listening needs and have you looking great doing it.

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EXFIT's Story

Fun, Stylish, Powerful, Wearable, Awesome Sound.

We innovate and design in-house and build our own stuff, in our own factories with our own team. We have an existing and ever-growing portfolio of patents and intellectual property and this is all we do – focus on bringing you best-in-class products that earn the right to have you spread the word about us.

Many headphones and headsets are now wireless. Our team developed, patented and manufactured the world’s first retractable wire module, which can be found on most of our headphones. This keeps those wires tucked away inside the unit when not in use and makes the product even more compact. And this is only one example of the innovation originating from our team.

This team, our team, has designed, manufactured and shipped over 30 million headphones over the course of the past 12 years for other well-known brands. In this regard, we have a legacy and track record that is unparalleled. We recently decided to launch our own brand, and so, we welcome and introduce you to “EXFIT”.

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