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Samsung N Series N90Q - Black

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MSRP: $ 29.99
UPC: 8801643887964

MSRP: $ 29.99
UPC: 8801643887964

Inspired by legendary Grammy winner Quincy Jones, N90Q automatically calibrates and intuitively adjusts the sound to suit your ears, giving you accurate studio-quality sound that delivers an exquisite listening sensation like no other. To make it truly personal, adjust bass and treble, and choose your listening mode. Dual-foam cushions and ear-cup-mounted controls offer premium comfort and convenience. Escape the world completely or keep in tune with your surroundings. Enjoy unrivaled precision while experiencing music the way you were intended to hear it.

  • Package Width: 6.1 inches
  • Package Height: 11.57 inches
  • Package Length: 11.3 inches
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