Wild Flag Glass Shield Liquid Screen Protection ($100 Insurance)

MSRP: $39.99
MSRP $39.99
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The majority of the liquid glass products in the market today are SiO2-based coatings using technology that was specifically designed for high-end car detailers. The fact is, the latest smartphone displays have proprietary water and oil repellent coatings that resists these SiO2-based coatings. The Wild Flag Glass Shield product is based on an improved chemical formula. It was development using proprietary chemicals that are not rejected by chemical coatings found in todays glass. The formula allows the coating to be absorbed and penetrates into the micro cracks found in glass.
  • 1-Year Protection Guarantee
  • Easy Application
  • Natural Touch Response
  • Germ Resistant Surface
  • Nano Liquid Glass Technology*
  • Up to 20x More Scratch Resistant
  • Universal Application


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