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4 Other Things A Battery Bank Can Charge

While battery banks are primarily used to keep our phones charged on the go, there are plenty other USB powered devices that can be charged with a battery bank. Here are four other things you can charge with a power bank.

Back to School Buying Guide

Returning to the Classroom or Working from Home?
C2 Wireless has the accessories you need to stay powered and productive. Check out our top picks and full buying guide below!

Power Delivery Explained

USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) is a fast charging technology which supports power delivery up to 100W while transmitting data via a single cable supported by certain Apple, Android and Google devices.
It’s designed to be...

What is True Wireless?

Do you know the difference between Bluetooth and True Wireless?

There is a very big difference between the two and we break it down for you here.  If you're looking for the best sound and to be educated on what you're buying, you might want to start here.

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