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Measure the Temperature of Foreheads, Liquid and Food Take the Reading as Far as 1 Inch Away Quick & Accurate Readings in Under 1 Second Indicator Light Turns Red if Fever is Detected Save Up to 3...
Hear Your Baby From Anywhere Calm Your Baby to Sleep Understand Sleeping Patterns Comfort Your Baby Anytime Set the Mood MSRP: $49.99UPC: 816479015526Master Carton Qty: 4
DECT Wireless Connectivity Two-Way Communication Three Activity Timer Settings Night Light Room Temperature Display LED Sound Level Indicator & Lullabies MSRP: $59.99UPC: 816479012457Master Carton...
Plug & Play Design Two-Way Talk Night/Mood Light High Sensitivity Microphone Hubble Connected for Smartphones, Tablets, & Computers MSRP: $29.99UPC: 816479015298Master Carton Qty: 4
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