ACP/Lifeline Fulfillment partner

New to ACP/ Lifeline? or having challenges with product supply or fulfillment. C2 Wireless understands the ACP/Lifeline space and is committed to giving you the tools and sharing the expertise needed to provide great customer service and maximize profits.

How Do We Do It

C2W Distribution, industry veterans in wireless sales and retail, with firsthand experience selling ACP and lifeline products. We understand the importance of sourcing products that meet government regulations, carrier specs and the importance of meticulously following activation protocols to meet program reimbursement requirements. Our services encompass SIM card handling, full activation, staging product bundling, churn reduction techniques and more.


Device Sales

  • Tailored Devices for ACP Providers
  • Meet or exceed government regulations to ensure reimbursement
  • Carrier compliance (whitelisted)
  • Prices that make sense for an ACP providers
  • Tablet and Hanset Testing

3PL Services

  • Direct to Consumer with address valdation
  • Direct to Retailer
  • Direct to Street Teams
  • Sim Card Pick Pack and Ship
  • Quality Control and Inspection
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Inventory Storage and Management

Service Activations

  • Sim Card Scanning and Activation
  • Device Setup and Activation
  • Utilize your provisioning system
  • Serialization and IMEI Tracking

Staging and Kitting & Packaging

  • Comprehensive Kitting Services
  • Bundle with accessories
  • Marketing and Collateral Inserts
  • MDM/App loading and testing

Returns Management

  • Sorting and Disposition of customer returns
  • Documentation and Recording
  • Preparation of lot for liquidation or recycling
  • Testing, Re-kitting, & Repackaging

Features / Technology

  • Our WMS system connects directly with all major E-Commerce platforms providing automatic order import, customer notifications, live inventory, on-demand reports and more! Make your fulfillment and distribution more efficient with our EDI and ERP solutions
  • Over 1200 connections available including Shopify, Netsuite, Commercehub, B2BGateway, SPS Commerce.
  • We also have a team of full-stack developers that can provide custom integrations via REST-API.
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